abraxas crow by gunter reimnitz

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Each of Gunter’s owls has a personality of its own. Each owl is unique but fall loosely into one of the four categories shown. Gunter’s owls are cut forged, and welded out of 14g steel. They are rusted and treated with a clear varnish finish.

Abraxas Crow - steel Barn Owl Sculpture Abraxas Crow - steel Open-Winged Barn Owl Sculpture
Barn Owl
12" tall - $180
Open-Winged Barn Owl
12" tall - 24" wingspan
Abraxas Crow - steel Open-Winged Horned Owl Sculpture Abraxas Crow - steel Horned Owl Sculpture
Open-Winged Horned Owl
18" tall - 32" wingspan
Horned Owl
18" tall - $250
- Mailing Address -
2503 Sherman St
Port Townsend WA, 98368
- Studio Address -
12173 Airport Cutoff Rd
Port Townsend, WA, 98368

Cell # 360-531-1523
email reimnitz@olypen.com

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